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Lawyers Get More Clients With SEO

Lawyers Get More Clients With SEO

Google advertising is very expensive compared to other digital marketing channels, especially for lawyers. An ad for a law firm on Google AdWords can cost up to $100 per click. At the same time, running a Google ad is limited by budget. Once your ad gets a few clicks, your budget will run out which means that your Google ad will disappear.

This harsh reality has caused many attorneys to stop Google Pay-Per-Click ads and start investing in search engine optimization to rank on the first page of Google organically.

Investing in SEO for lawyers is not cheap but compared to Google ads it’s actually much more cost effective. For example, let’s assume that you are a law firm in Los Angeles and you invest in an SEO campaign which resulted in ranking your website on the first page of Google for the search term “divorce attorney Los Angeles.” In a large geo location like Los Angeles, this keyword can probably produce over 200 clicks per month depending on what position on the first page you are on. If you compare this number of clicks on organic versus clicks on Google ads, this keyword alone could cost you up to $20,000 a month assuming the cost per click is around $100 per click. This is a massive financial difference for your bottom line.

There are plenty of legal services online and competition is tough. Whether its law firms or legal advice websites like LegalZoom, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Your website can easily get buried on page 4 or even 10 on Google. The only answer to this challenge is investing in an effective SEO strategy for attorneys so that your website can rank on top of Google for key search terms. SEO for law firms can produce a tremendous amount of organic and more importantly FREE traffic to your website, not to mention getting ahead of your competitors on search engine results.

People don’t turn to yellow pages anymore to find lawyers. Instead they go to Google.com and start searching for credible and reputable lawyers using key terms. They conduct research such as “What is the hourly rate of a personal injury lawyer” and “Best immigration lawyers New York.” Google’s job at this point is answering these questions and when your website or blog post is relevant to this search query, you will get this traffic to your website. That’s when SEO for lawyers comes into play.

An effective SEO strategy for law firms can help grow your practice from clients naturally finding you while searching on Google. Winning new clients means that you get to keep those clients for a long period. It also means that you build up your credibility with them and you start winning new clients by word of mouth. SEO for lawyers is all about growing your practice beyond word-of-mouth marketing which can take years to establish.

SEO Ranking is Crucial for Attorneys

Ranking on Google is all about relevance. If your website has the most relevant answer to a user’s search query, Google will rank your website on the first page. For example, if you want to ranking for niche-specific search terms related to a certain specialty of your practice such as “Personal injury attorney” or “labor and employment lawyer,” you need to show Google that your website or landing page has the most relevant answer to this search query and the content on your website will answer the user’s question.

SEO Ranking is Crucial for Attorneys

A successful SEO campaign for lawyers will start with keyword research and a site audit with the goal of identifying the most relevant keywords for your industry, services, and location. This way you can increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google for search terms that would bring more traffic to your website. SEO improves the ranking of your law firm’s website on Google for your targeted keywords, blog posts and also landing pages to target your specific audience without having to pay per click or rent online ad space.

The Benefits of SEO for Lawyers

The legal business is very competitive especially in local areas. That drives many law firms to overspend on their ppc campaigns like with Google ads or Facebook ads. This advertising method, while effective and brings traffic to your website is still very expensive and temporary. Investing in SEO is a much more effective method to drive traffic and rank on Google for your target keywords.

The Benefits of SEO for Lawyers

SEO for legal firms works mainly on creating useful and informative content made especially to answer your audience’s questions. This will not only help improve your website ranking for your target keywords but also will position your practice as an authority or an expert in the field. All this can be done by creating high quality legal content that people would love to consume.

SEO can be an exhausting process even if you know what you’re doing which is why we recommend hiring a professional SEO company that has experience in SEO for attorneys and law firms. An SEO firm can run a fully detailed SEO audit for your website, analyze your competitor’s best practices, and identify the best target keywords to rank for on Google. Legal SEO is designed to boost your return on investment and optimize your website’s performance which results in a higher conversion ratio by driving new clients to your practice.

Getting a Step Ahead

The way to get head with SEO is to think the same way Google thinks. Let’s say you just launched your brand new law firm website. Well, it’s very difficult for Google to immediately rank your new website on the first page while there are hundreds of other law firms’ websites that are more established, have had higher traffic, and more backlinks.

An effective SEO strategy thrives on relevancy so your goal is to show Google that your website (new or old) has the most relevant content to users’ search queries. Here are a few tips for you to get to know Google’s “secret sauce”:
• Google’s main goal to provide clear, relevant, and useful answers to search queries
• Google’s algorithm indexes millions of websites and determines the search engine rankings based on relevancy.
• Google puts a huge weight on the popularity and authority of websites when it comes to search engine rankings.

As a result of the above points, it’s more important than ever to have a strong SEO strategy that improves the relevancy of your website along with your website’s authority.
One important step is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) account in order for your firm to be listed locally.

Getting a Step Ahead

Having your law firm listed as a local business affects boosts your rankings on Google. It also helps your firm rank for local keywords. Also, the contact information of your practice such phone numbers, addresses, and emails, etc. will appear on Google’s first page when your firm’s name is Googled or a local keyword that you rank for is typed into Google.

We also recommend asking your clients to write positive reviews about your law firm on your Google My Business page and also on Yelp. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small practice or a big time law firm, users put a lot of weight on reviews and testimonials when choosing a law firm. At the same time, Google puts higher value on businesses with more reviews than others when it comes to local search engine rankings.

SEO & Content Marketing Factors

Your law firm needs an effective SEO and content marketing plan in order to win more potential clients. Here are a few tips to improve your law firm SEO game:
• Create a FAQ landing page with target keywords and optimize it.
• Make your website mobile friendly and accessible by tablets and mobile phones.
• Build more QUALITY backlinks and citations.
• Create useful and informative content that’s worth reading.

SEO & Content Marketing Factors

A Powerful Law Firm SEO Strategy

When content marketing is paired with effective on-page and off-page optimization, you create a powerful SEO strategy. If you run one part without the other it’s like doing half the effort with only a fraction of the results. In order increase your rankings on Google and expand your presence online, especially in a competitive field such as law firms, you will need to create great content.

One basic step of creating content is starting a blog for your law firm website. Then start posting regular articles that contain informative and useful information and legal advice regarding common topics related to your field of specialty. The good thing is that you can also post these blogs on the Facebook and LinkedIn pages of your law firm. This will generate more readership and traffic to your website.

A Powerful Law Firm SEO Strategy

Another best practice is starting a newsletter. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly, you can share valuable content by sending your newsletter to your email list. Effective newsletter campaigns help you stay on top of the minds of your audience and even if they are not looking for your legal services at that time, if you are on the front of their minds, it will be your firm that they will call when they do need law services. After all, when people are in a bind for law services, they don’t have time to go shopping around to different law firms.

With the right content marketing strategy, you can improve your online authority and establish relationships with potential clients, not to mention improving your rankings on Google.
In a nutshell, the more optimized your content is, the higher your ranking will be which will result in winning new clients.

SEO is About Relevancy

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: SEO is about relevancy and Google is getting smarter. The way Google now works is that they try to identify the intent of every search query. For example, an informational search could be something like “what does a labor lawyer do?” Another version of a search query aiming at finding a solution could be “best corporate lawyer near me.” If the content of your website provides answers to these search terms, Google will rank your website higher in the search results.

SEO is About Relevancy

We recommend always writing content that answers people’s questions. Just brainstorm what your potential clients might be typing in Google using Google trends or simply look for blog topics related to your practice areas on Quora where people ask questions and write content that answers these questions. Also, whether its web copy for a landing page or a blog post, always write content that includes your target keywords.

All this content effort is aimed at building up your credibility, increasing your search engine rankings, and eventually winning more clients.

Final Thoughts

SEO is a long term investment and it requires time, effort, and patience to achieve results. As long as you give the search engines what they’re looking for, you’ll be on your way to seeing improved and rapid results.

You can also use tools like Google Analytics to measure the success of your SEO campaign and make adjustments as you go by.

If you think you’re too busy to implement all these steps you’re not alone. But we’re here to help!

Zivvy is one of California’s top SEO companies that specializes in SEO for law firms, as we have created and implemented multiple successful SEO campaigns for law firms across the country and we know exactly what needs to be done to get your law firm website at the top of Google.

Our SEO strategists will offer you a complementary SEO audit that outlines the issues with your website and what needs to be addressed first. They will set goals and benchmarks that align with your marketing goals in order to make your marketing campaign a huge success.

Just like you, we like building strong long term relationships with our clients and we look forward to helping you with your SEO needs. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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